Electronic cigarettes with aromas, forbidden: the important city that created the precedent

Prohibitions on e-cigarettes are ending up being much more global. A vital city has actually prohibited even tobacco-flavored cigarettes.

Until now, vapor cigarettes without tobacco have been unsusceptible to limitations, beginning with the concept that tobacco was the main health problem, and also its elimination ought to have solved them. For the creators of this devices, the situation is a little bit more difficult. At this time, any type of type of electric cigarette, with or without tobacco, with or without aroma, is banned in New York.

The decision to prohibit e-cigarettes without tobacco passed with a compliant vote by the city board, 42 votes for and 2 votes against. From this minute, it is only for Mayor Bill de Blasio to transform it right into regulation by signing the required documents.

The gesture of the city government in New York intends to decrease the popularity of vaping among teens. According to the city’s public health commissioner, there is evidence that even 11-year-olds smoke vapor cigarettes. Many opt for variants without cigarette, yet the issue is rather severe, due to the fact that it is only an issue of time up until they switch over to real cigarettes or those with tobacco. One in 15 children admitted that they smoke electronic cigarettes.

“New York City is ultimately resolving a public health issue that has grown exponentially in recent years, while local government and national federal government have actually done practically absolutely nothing. We are taking a mindset to prevent the appeal of nicotine addiction among young individuals caused by e-cigarettes.” “By this vote, the local council has actually been successful in prohibiting fruity, mentholated or candy-flavored electric cigarettes that were created from the start in order to be eye-catching to youngsters,” the authorities added.

New york city is the second significant city to implement this restriction after Massachusetts introduced the same legislation a week earlier.