Game of Thrones Final Season Viewing Parties!

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us, and we’re hosting viewing parties for all of the final episodes, starting with the premiere of season 8 at 3:00AM UTC on April 15th (11:00PM EDT on April 14th) in #GoT-ViewingParty on IRC! Participating earns you entry into a free raffle, with 5,000 bonus points added to the prize pool for every user every user participating in the channel (and there may be a special surprise for the premiere episode raffle, so be sure to join us!).

If you win the raffle you must collect your prize immediately after the viewing party ends (so make sure to stick around). If you’ve not used IRC before, please read this article for help with setting it up and make sure you checkmark #GoT-ViewingParty in your IRC user settings. We plan to use this new viewing party channel for other shows in the future, as well, so stay tuned!

Please note that spoilers are strictly prohibited in all GoT channels. For #GoT-ViewingParty during the final season of Game of Thrones, we’ll be defining a spoiler as revealing any plot point that people participating in the viewing party would be unaware of. This means that if you reveal something from the end of the episode at 3:30AM GMT (30 minutes into the viewing party) you will be posting a spoiler.

After the viewing party ends you’re free to discuss the entire episode. Also note that the TV series may not have included every event yet from the books, so some book discussions may be considered spoilers if it’s something not/not yet covered in the series.

We’re a community based on sharing and enjoying TV, and spoilers ruin the experience for everybody. If you post a spoiler you will be banned from IRC for 1 year. This policy will be strictly enforced and staff will be reviewing all messages sent to the channel.

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