How Was The Movie: Game Night (2018)

Game Night is a 2018 dark comedy, directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

One night, Max and Annie meet and it is love at first sight. After a not very long time, they get married. They both are competitive gamers and they decide to organize a game night every weekend. Their friends will accompany them each weekend. Same time they will try to ward off a strange neighbor, that will always ask them about the game night, hoping he will be invited also.

The young couple is trying to have a baby, but it seems Max is stressed because of his frustration regarding his brother Brooks. He always has been better at everything than Max and always tried to embarrass him in front of their friends.

One night Brooks shows up with a red Corvette Stingray at Max’s place and after winning one of the games he again mocks his brother in front of everyone. At the end of the game nigh Brooks invites everyone at his place for special night game, next weekend. Annie notices Brook’s behavior and she decides to win the next game night teaming with Max.

The next weekend starts and they all meet at Brook’s place. As soon as he explains the game, two men kidnap him, unfortunately not the right men.

Everyone thinks that everything is part of the game but they soon find out that Brooks was kidnaped by someone else. After Max and Annie track Brooks with the help of the GPS, he confesses that he is not a successful businessman and he is just a common villain. In his attempt to make more money, he cheated on a Bulgarian, selling him a “Faberge egg” that it was already sold and owned by another rich man.

Followed by the two kidnappers, Brooks decides to jump from Annie’s and Max’s vehicle so he can save them. Desperate to save his brother, Max thinks a plan with Annie and his friends. They manage to recover the egg and they meet up with the kidnapers to handle them what was inside the egg in exchange for Brooks. The kidnappers decide to get rid of all of them. But wait… surprise…

In their salvation arrives their strange neighbor that was also a cop and knows down the kidnappers. Unfortunately, the cop is shot down also. Scared and feeling guilty Max and Annie promise him if he doesn’t die they will accept him in their friends’ circle and invite him every weekend at their Games Night.

But again we get another surprise… the policeman seems to recover in few seconds after hearing the good news and soon they find out that he played them and the kidnap was directed by him with the help of two villains he had them under surveillance.

When they all laugh and they think everything is over, the real Bulgarian guy makes his appearance and shoots the policeman in the right shoulder. They again kidnap Brooks and Annie with Max go in their pursuit.

Where To Watch Game Night (2018) Full Movie Online?

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I’ll let you find out how it ends. I loved the movie, it has everything a movie needs: suspense, action, love, comedy, friendship and good actors. Enjoy!

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