How Was The Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

It’s a 2016 American Christmas comedy directed Kirk Jones with a huge success.

Toula’s family is one of a kind. After her family dry cleaner and travel agency were closed, they remained only with the restaurant, still run by her father. Toula’s husband is the principal at her daughter’s school, Paris.

Paris applies to different colleges and she tries to be further of her suffocating family. They constantly try to convince her to stay in Chicago through the college and even her grandpa tries to fix her up with a greek boy.

At the same time, Toula’s and her husband are struggling with their marriage, unable to spend more time together because of her obsession with trying to fix everything in the family.

Gus, Toula’s father develops an obsession and he tries to prove to everyone that he is the direct descendant of Alexander the Great. He even asks his daughter to help him with the mystery of the internet, so he can be able to write to an ancestry site. While he tries to find as much evidence as he can he finds his old marriage certificate and he notices that it wasn’t signed by the priest. Upset, he tells the whole family and he asks his wife Maria to remarry with him. She refuses until he doesn’t propose.

The proposal comes after a while when grandpa Gus is being picked up by the ambulance, due to his hip problems. Maria gets into a fight with the wedding planner and she tells the family the bad news.

Again Toula will try to fix her family problem and she invites her aunt to her house. Surprisingly the whole family makes an appearance and they all offer to help.

Somehow they manage to make things work and they prepare the wedding. Back to Paris, she manages to make courage and invites the boy she liked to prom and she happily finds out he was also greek.

After initially accepted to go to a college in Chicago, her grand grandmother helps her change her mind to choose what she really wanted, to go to New York.

Having emotions on the wedding day, Gus arrives at the church, a bit tipsy, along with his friends. Maria snaps when she sees him like that and she turns back to Gus while they are at the altar. She needs to take a moment to think.

Everyone is shocked and they try to convince Maria to go ahead with the rest of the wedding. Will Maria change her mind? Will Paris go to college in New York? Will Toula be able to fix her marriage? I’ll let you enjoy the grand final.

It is a comedy movie about family love and about caring for the other one, no matter the situations life puts you trough. Enjoy!

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