How Was The Movie: Victoria & Abdul (2017)

It is a 2017 historical comedy-drama, written by Lee Hall and directed by Stephen Frears. The story is about the real-life relationship between Queen Victoria, played by Judi Dench and the Indian Muslim, Abdul Karim, played by Ali Fazal.

One day, while he was at work (he was a prison clerk in India), he receives a new task. The task was to handle to Queen of England and India, a coin named Mohur.

He is fascinated by the task he received, meanwhile, his trip partner hates the cold from England.

Mesmerized by the old queen, Abdul catches up her attention. Tired, bored, lonely and a bit depressed, Victoria develops an interest and a friendship with Abdul. He starts to tell her about the marvelous Taj Mahal and the romantic story behind it. He also tells her about how the carpets are made and about Coran.

Fascinated by his story, Victoria asks him to become her Munshi, her teacher. He starts to teach her Urdu and from the beautiful Coran. She also decides to decorate a room as her Durbar Room built at her Isle of Wight. The room will be decorated by Bhai Ram Singh. She also orders a replica of the Peacock Throne.

Her preference for Abdul will bring resentment to the court. They plot a plan to take Abdul out of the picture. Victoria finds with astonishment that the story that her Munshi has told her about Indian Mutiny doesn’t match with reality. Embarrassing herself in front of the whole court, she decides to send Abdul away. Her anger doesn’t take long and she changes her mind. She also finds out that Abdul is married and demands him to go to take his wife and come back with her as soon as possible.

Desperate, the prince Bertie and prime minister try to look into the past of Abdul, to find something to vanish him from the court. They make a dossier and give it to the Queen. Uninterested by the dossier, she asks the doctor to examine Abdul’s wife, because she couldn’t get pregnant. Also, the doctor tells Victoria, that her Munshi has gonorrhea and again the Queen asks him to cure him.

When they all find out that the queen wants to give Abdul a title, all household decides to resign. The queen asks everyone to gather in the Durbar Room and demands them to come forward if they want to resign. Surprisingly, no one has the guts to come clean. Furious Victoria decides to give a higher title to Abdul.

After the death of one of Abdul’s servants, Victoria proposes him to come back to India, fearing for his life. A hard decision to be made.

I’ll let you discover the end of this beautiful story.

It is a film for the soul, that proves once again that love brings us together, regardless of the color of the skin, of the social position and age. Enjoy!

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