Talks About Best Movies List of 2018 So Far Online

No prob, dude. Lists have always helped me so much so I thought I’d get one going in the chance others needed some recs. I need to update the list a lil – Free Solo and Spider-verse are in there now. I’m actually about half way through with Shoplifters and that will definitely be joining in there as well.

Besides Bad Reputation, Don’t WorryHWGFonF and Madeline’s Madeline, I have them all either bookmarked or snatched and ready to go. I may need convincing for the three named though. There’s a handful of others that haven’t become available yet (or the files are too large for my ass – specifically An Elephant Sitting Still) that I really want to see, with I think Tsukamoto’s Killing the one I want to see most.

Found out about that one from this article:

Nice article. Lots of suggestions in there.

So for the 3 mentioned. To give a little more detail on why I am suggesting them. As someone who’s in recovery, I found Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot to be pretty damn accurate. More so than any other movie on the subject. Can’t get over how little attention it got. Great characters. Touching story and it delivers a real shot of hope for anybody struggling with addiction. Highly recommend it even more than the following.

Madeline’s Madeline. Total art-house film. But I have to applaud it for it’s great acting and creativity. It sticks with you. even though I found it difficult to fully understand. Explores mental illness quite well. As a fan of Border, I think you’ll appreciate this one. The fantasy aspect.

Bad Reputation: the documentary of Joan Jett. I was never a huge fan of her growing up, but after watching her life story, I definitely learned a lot about her and it was a solid documentary I’m glad I watched.

Just want to throw in Skate Kitchen. I know you didn’t mention it, but I thought it was very well done. Better than mid90s it has that “Kids” vibe, but with more of a story. Add that one to your list. You won’t regret it.

Well, you sold me.¬†That was easy. I’ll toss them in the old queue.¬†

This has been the first year in my life where I’ve made a habit of stopping and starting. I probably have close to a dozen 2018 movies I haven’t finished but still plan to, and one of them is Mid 90s. There’s something about that flick that just doesn’t really click for me. There’s nothing really bad about it but…it’s tough pin point. I usually dig 90s throwback shit too. Oh well.

I saw you made a couple posts with favorites but did you ever finalize a list of your favorites of the year?

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