Why 123Movies? Because Is Free And For So Many Other Reasons

One day I received an email. HBO GO increased the price for all subscribers. WHY?? I decided that I don’t want to pay more for the same tv shows. Let’s google a new solution.

I found 123movie links, where you can watch so many movies and tv shows… FOR FREE!

Why can’t you find the original site?

From my understanding, the original domain died on March 2017. Reasons?? It was the most illegal site, but the most cloned one for online movies.

Why are so many 123Movies clones?

Because everyone wants to watch movies for free and it works without any subscription, no card needed or any personal data shared. You remain only an anonymous use that is enjoying his/her favorite movie or tv shows.

You can find many clones of the original domain, but only a few of them cached my attention:

  1. 123movies.actor
  2. 123-movies.com
  3. 0123movies.com
  4. 123movies.gdn
  5. 123moviesback.org
  6. 123movies.la

Why did those above seem more interesting than the rest?! …because:

You can watch the movies from all devices, phones, tablets or even from your tv browser without any lag.

Do you know that feeling, when you go crazy for a tv show and you are waiting for the latest episode to appear and you hate to wait for a few days after the original was added?? I hate that also. On the links above the tv shows are getting updated daily, at the same time with the original sites, HBO GO, Netflix and so on. Crazy no? Again, why to pay when you can find it here for free.

In case you can’t find a classic movie, for example, the 1959 drama starring Laurence Harvey and Simone Signoret, you just need to send a request on the site, and in maximum 48h you will get a notification on your email address that the movie was uploaded on the site. How cool is that?

One of the best things is that you can search for the movies by different categories, making your browsing on the site so much easier.

The best thing ever is that you can find the latest movies that run in cinemas right now. In the beginning, the quality is not one of the best, but I noticed that in a few days the bad copy is replaced with the good one… a bit annoying sometimes, but I can watch the latest “fresh” movie from home, cozy on my couch eating popcorn, without spending money on tickets, gas and so much time lost on getting dressed. Nice, no? Also, you can find a page where are listed all the top-rated movies from IMDb website.

The sites are using an interesting browser. It allows you to change the quality of the streaming, HD or not, your choice.

What I really liked at the sites above that they don’t use many ads or none during the streaming. Also, the good part is that if you have a limited internet connection or a poor one, the movie will keep loading in the background, which means you save some money, so A plus for this.

The best part is that the following links are working around the world, while many of the other clones domains have their access locked in some countries, “thanks” to some internet providers.

Interactive 123Movies background?

Yes. You can find that also. I’m a girl and because I appreciate more the color of the car than what is hiding under the hood, I like interactive sites. The administrators of the domains above managed to personalize the background for each period of the year… so you can have snowflakes, pumpkins and sometimes flowers. Cute.

Do I get multiple language subtitles? Yes, but how?

In most of the domains, you can find the subtitle in English. If you want to see the movie with your French friend, what can you do? You just need to send a request and they will notify through email when it will be available on the site.


Why pay Netflix, HBO GO or other domains like those, when you can have it for free, personalized for you.